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Board of Trustees

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ICI ‘Coram Deo’ Board of Trustees consists of pastors and ministers who teach at the Institute. Its role is a representative one (pastors who can recommend and represent the ministry) and also an advisory one (the Board recommends the vision of the ministry to the leaders and teaching teams of ICI).

  • Valshonok, Boris, pastor of a Baptist church, Polotsk, Belarus
  • Goerzen, Yakov, pastor of a free Evangelical church, Köln, Germany
  • Drozd, Sergey, pastor of Voskresenie church, Minsk, Belarus
  • Zadoroznij, Valeriy, pastor of a Presbyterian church, Odessa, Ukraine
  • Kriminskiy, Vladimir, pastor of Vozrozhdenie church, Ostrog, Ukraine
  • Kucherenko, Mikhail, pastor of Svyatoy Troitsy church, Vladivostok, Russia
  • Levtseniuk, Igor, pastor of Viphaniya church, Dubno, Ukraine
  • Mamakin, Maksim, pastor of Vozrozhdenie church, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Palanchuk, Yevgeniy, professor of Kubanskii Evangelskii Hristianskii Universitet, Krasnodar, Russia
  • Harris, Ron. DMin, pastor of an American Presbyterian Church, founder of ‘Coram Deo’ program, Canada

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