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Mission and Values

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The main mission of the International Counseling Institute ‘Coram Deo’:

  • To glorify God, helping the Church train pastors, leaders, ministers in the area of Biblical Counseling.
  • Using all the treasures of the Bible to provide students with the teaching that is strictly in accord with the Scriptures and to continue the practice of historic sola scriptura practical theology.

The goal of this counseling program is to equip each zealously ministering Christian with counseling skills and techniques so that every leader would be an effective servant of God wherever he is, being able to give opportune help to his neighbor (Col 1:28), taking into consideration his own individual traits and the uniqueness of each person.

Program Objectives

  1. To facilitate spiritual growth so that each man would attain maturity in Christ Jesus (Eph 4:13)
  2. To provide knowledge about main tendencies in counseling
  3. To teach Biblical diagnostics
  4. To discover personally God’s resources (Col 1:29) to serve people
  5. To teach a Biblical method to solve problems so that the changes would take place at the level of the governing center of man, and not only at the behavioral level
  6. To motivate independent research in the area of the acquisition of theory and its practical application in life
  7. To teach members of the Church to take care of each other
  8. To teach to use received knowledge appropriately in order to mentor members of the Church on a deeper level
  9. To teach to use the knowledge in the area of counseling to anticipate and prevent problems
  10. To detect specially gifted ministers in the three-year program groups and to develop them in the area of their calling, involving them in ministry

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