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Alexey Tolochyants

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Alexey Tolochyants – ICI ‘Coram Deo’ President, founder. Teacher of Biblical Counseling program since 2006.

Alexey was born into a family, where his parents loved to sing. He and his sister studied music when they were children. Later he graduated from the Conservatory of Music, with a major in oboe.

During the last years of his studies in the 1990s, the doors were opened to preach the Gospel in the former Soviet Union countries, and Alexey accepted Christ and joined the local church where he still serves. Practically from the very beginning of his Christian life he loved studying Scripture and he actively participated in organizing small groups. Later he quit his job in the orchestra, got involved in Light in the East mission for a time, and then he studied counseling in the program designed by Ron Harris. Now he teaches it together with the growing ICI ‘Coram Deo’ team.

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