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In order to enter the program of ICI ‘Coram Deo’ you need to read the list of required documents carefully, prepare all the documents, and send them by email to the address of the project you would like to participate in. Project addresses are listed in the section Education – Where Training Is to Take Place.

The required documents include an application form, personal responsibility statement, and two letters of recommendation. You are to fill out the application form and personal responsibility statement form; one letter of recommendation form needs to be filled out by your pastor and another – by a Christian minister who has known you for no less than a year and is not your close relative.

In total, you need to do the following actions and send the following documents:

All the documents can also be downloaded as a zip file – click here.

Make sure that we receive the documents you send – you are supposed to get an electronic message confirming that we have your documents.

We are glad you have expressed a desire to study at our Institute. May God bless you in this endeavor!