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The Program Content

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The program consists of 12 modules. A short description of each can be found below.

BCF 1.1. Foundation 1: Dynamics of Biblical Counseling
Deep Change for Hurting People, Part 1
Examine the nature and essential themes of God-honoring counseling. Understand the divine agenda in the counselee’s life and the structure of true change. The shift of lordship. Introduction to biblical “cardiology”. The concept of putting on biblical “eye-glasses” to look at people, people’s problems, and God’s solutions appropriately. This module has proven to be very significant in the lives of hundreds of believers for over 20 years. An extremely valuable and critical starting point for those who want to uphold the searching and guiding power of the Wonderful Counselor through His Word.

BCF 1.2. Foundation 2: The Process of Biblical Counseling
Deep Change for Hurting People, Part 2
The companion module to Part 1, this study of Scripture and the nature of human problems walks through the change process with biblical “glasses”. Explore the four phases of counseling: the embracing phase, the understanding phase, the interpreting phase, and the coaching phase. Developing a case study of “Mary” progressively throughout the four phases, this module will clarify the dynamics of Part 1. Students will be challenged to develop, mature, and refine what they do in personal ministry to those they serve, representing Jesus Christ to others with greater understanding of self – reflecting and promoting the Wonderful Counselor in His threefold office of priest, prophet and king.

BCF 1.3. Foundation 3: The Counselor-Counselee Relationship
Углубленное изучение, основанное на единственном учебном примере душепопечительства, который занимает целую книгу в Писании -  Книгу Иова. Здесь принимаются во внимание те человеческие взаимоотношения, благодаря которым Бог действует в жизни людей. Как развить проницательность в общении с друзьями, опекаемыми и просто посторонними людьми для того, чтобы избежать ошибок Елифаза, Вилдада, Софара и содействовать побеждающей благодати Елиуйя. Понимание того, когда «правильные» слова неуместны. Главная задача «душевного друга» и практические задания, основанные на самом длинном описании душепопечительского случая в Библии. Практические советы и указания, чтобы главное осталось главным в отношениях душепопечителя и опекаемого.

BCF 1.4.  Foundation 4: Application of Scripture
THE LYING PEN OF THE SCRIBES: The Right Use of Scripture in Counseling.
Recognize the dangers of undiscerning application of Scripture to vulnerable souls. Scripture-based counsel and guidelines how to correctly use biblical antidotes for various types of “heart soil” and conscience-related problems. Learn to think biblically about the use and benefits of resources other than the Bible in helping people. The Bible’s unique approach to interacting with culture neither ignores the surrounding culture nor imitates it. Development of a model for collaborating with psychology; acknowledging the superiority of a biblical perspective on analyzng and rethinking such concepts as human needs, low self-esteem, and chemical imbalance. Issues of integration. To show greatest concern and attention, a true friend will avoid wrong application of Scripture but will consider the soul’s particular seasons, employing suitable, godly methods in the right manner and measure. This module offers an overview of the practical use of the Bible throughout all four phases of counseling.

BCI 2.1.  Problem of Addiction (Life-Controlling Desire)
Understanding and ministering to people enslaved and addicted.
Understand addictions from a biblical standpoint, using the prototype of drunkenness as a working model for counseling individuals with life-controlling issues. Particular emphasis is placed on the dynamics of the “idol-covenant”, and these results in proper understanding of any and every human problem that has the potential to control the life of a believer. Advice and guidelines for the biblical counselor to address a variety of life-controlling issues. The foundational principles of this module can be applied to all problems of the human life.

BCI 2.2.  Problem of Fear: Giants in the Land
Understanding and ministering to people struggling with FEAR.
Understand and apply biblical theology of fear to life issues in the counseling setting. How to promote fear of God in the critical times of temptation to fear man. This module helps the student to replenish a substantial treasury of insights and advice in order to minister to those with immobilizing fears, anxieties, and peer pressure. Case study scenarios are discussed to concretize the principle of “lordship shift” in people’s lives.

BCI 2.3. Problem of Anger: Zeal for Your House
Understanding and ministering to people struggling with ANGER.
Mine the richness of biblical theology of anger in order to avoid superficial solutions to issues of anger. Learn to manifest anger biblically (“holy wrath”), managing and directing rightful passions with bold love for God’s glory. “For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.” (Lk 6:45) Understand this important dimension of our relationship with God, ourselves, and other people.

BCI 2.4.  Problem of a Crushed Spirit: The Dark Night of the Soul
Helping people in DEPRESSION or melancholy.
How to care for distressed souls – “the child of light walking in darkness.” Consider the multi-faceted experience of “the soul’s dark night” in the life of a believer. Seek to be the one with “an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary” (Isa 50:4). Discern how to speak a timely word in due season, avoiding the opposite tendencies to be heavy when God is light, and to be light when God is heavy. How to minister to a downcast believer in situational evil and in moral evil. Discern and address sin-caused depression, yet protect the blameless who are called to walk in darkness.

BCI 3.1. Problem of Difficulties in Marriage: Taste Its Choice Fruits
Issues concerning MARRIAGE – before, during and after.
Biblical marriage counseling offers much more than techniques, skills, and coping strategies. It ushers spouses into the presence of the Bridegroom for nourishing, wholesome care, and motivation to be the number one earthly minister to the heart of his or her companion. Our approach to marriage counseling in this module not only addresses immediate problems and the need for relational skills, but also reveals the grace of Christ in dealing with heart issues. This module also examines central Scripture teachings on the ever-present issues of readiness for marriage and the essence of marriage, divorce, and remarriage. To be effective as biblical counselors, students must think through the many issues, interpretations and applications of Scripture with the goal to establish a consistent biblical position.

BCI 3.2. Problem of Child-Rearing: Like Mother, Like Daughter
Handling PARENT-CHILD issues in a way that promotes God’s work
What should parents’ goals be, and how should they pursue these ends practically? How should parents talk to their children and what should they talk about? Recognize how Scripture shapes the shift of parental objectives as infants grow into children and then into teens and adolescents. This module strives to expose the student to biblical understanding of child rearing – shepherding the heart of a child. We keep the “heart-before-God” concept central in applying the divine plan for parenting. Issues are examined from the perspective of Scripture, both from the position of the parent and of the maturing young person. Learn to apply the biological fatherhood model to spiritual mentoring.

BCI 3.3. Problem of Suffering: Under the Rod
To counsel sufferers effectively and biblically, one must thoroughly examine the biblical data on affliction. This module encourages the student to build a solid biblical framework upon which to address the messy perplexities of the miseries of life that are inevitable in this sinful world. In other words, develop maturity in practical biblical theology of suffering. Apply the vital truth of God’s Providence to the matter of painful trial. “Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial.” (James 1:12) Wisdom from the Suffering Servant includes “scooping honey from the carcass of a lion”, to achieve inward renewal while the outer man is wasting away. The right use of external sources of relief and comfort in the season of suffering, grief, and various trials. Soul-stilling, heart-strengthening counsel to enable the right conduct in time of affliction.

BCI 3.4. Problem of Crisis and Trauma: When Storms Come
Wise use of COMMUNITY RESOURCES (the means of grace).
Immediate intervention strategies in crises of domestic violence, bizarre behavior, suicidal attempt. Promote life by protecting the one in danger (the victim, the oppressed) as well as provide immediate resources for the ministry to the perpetrator. Mobilize local church resources and, under church leadership, utilize medical and civil authorities along with other resources to promote God’s work of mercy, grace, and truth to all involved. Consider the biblical perspective on the extent the church can utilize specialists God provides in the fields of medicine, social work, civil authorities, etc. This module teaches the counselor the wise use of God’s resources in the work of heart transformation and the importance of building strong working relationships with like-minded professionals, agencies, and community services.

Spiritual Warfare (a part of one of the 12 modules).
A brief but important study of errors in practical theology concerning devil’s involvement in the problems of a counselee. A proclamation of the non-occult worldview of Scripture. A study of devil’s cunning and his involvement in afflictions. How to wage spiritual warfare in a biblical way.

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