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Maria Vipna

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Maria Vipna - ICI ‘Coram Deo’ founder, teacher of Biblical Counseling program, curator since 2003.

Maria was raised in a typical Soviet family which did not teach her to pray or read the Bible. She became interested in the Church and Scripture at the age of 8, and at 14 she made a covenant with God through water baptism. Later she found out that her grandfather had been a pastor persecuted for his faith (he had been exiled to Kazakhstan for 10 years).

When she was young, Maria actively participated in various ministries, including Sunday School for children, choir, orchestra, youth evangelism clubs, theater, camps for orphans, training for women. After she graduated from the University where she studied Law and found a job in the area of her expertise, she decided to obtain  Christian education as well, concentrating on the ministry of counseling.

For the past seventeen years Maria has been doing counseling, teaching Biblical Counseling to students, and training teams of teachers in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Germany, Israel, and USA.

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