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Training Center

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International Counseling Training Center (ICTC) ‘Coram Deo’ (or Cabinet project) is designed to help counselors perfect their ministry skills through observation and participation in real-life process of team counseling. The Center is situated in Kiev, Ukraine. It is international in two ways. First, there is hope that this form of ministry (team counseling with the goal of training and the possibility of distance observation) will be used at all locations where three-year program of ICI 'Coram Deo’ is taught. Secondly, such team counseling can be watched live by counselors of the ICI ‘Coram Deo’ from Ukraine and other countries.

The training ministry of Cabinet offers vast possibilities for growth in the following areas:

  1. A participant can observe the way the real-life counseling sessions are conducted under the supervision of the leading counselor during a certain period of time (ideally it includes seven sessions with a counselee).
  2. Together with ICI ‘Coram Deo’ a participant completes a review, a discussion, and an evaluation of all the counseling sessions, and it is a very effective teaching method.
  3. A participant can take a qualification exam in counseling competence and become a certified member of the Counselors Association of ICI ‘Coram Deo.’

All these factors will strengthen your practical theology of working with people. We believe that in addition to the foundation of the three-year program of ICI ‘Coram Deo’ and Comfort teaching resource, internship/observation through video with ICI leaders will be the best investment of time and effort in the fortification of the work of soul care.

Presentation of the ministry:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-i_ENw29A8&feature=em-subs_digest

During the past two years 6 seven-day sessions with the participation of Ron Harris have been successfully held. The dates of future sessions will be announced.

Requests to participate in the work of Cabinet team as a video observer can be submitted by students, graduates, and teachers of ICI ‘Coram Deo.’

We will be happy to answer your questions. Our email:: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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