Comfort Practicum

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If the iron be blunt, and he do not whet the edge, then must he put to more strength: but wisdom is profitable to direct. Eccl. 10:10.


One-day training called ‘Give the Comfort of Scripture to a Soul’ gives participants a great opportunity to grow in counseling by learning through practical experience. Participating in the Comfort Practicum, you can watch live the team of trained curators demonstrate the meaning of ‘help in action.’ As participants watch a video segment, it is paused, and the participants are invited to demonstrate a specific ‘next step’ at the prompting of the training leader.

The training is held in the cities where ‘Coram Deo’ projects take place regularly. To find out the time and place of a training, please follow the announcements on this site.

The ‘heartbeat’ of Comfort training is the following conviction: ‘You do not know it until you try it.’

The goal of this training is to help participants grow in wisdom of ministry, perfecting specific skills of soul care work instead of accumulating truths and principles.

We believe that this kind of practical preparation is most neglected although it is the most necessary and challenging aspect of equipping ministers and members of the Church of Christ – that is, practical help for suffering believers. The design of this project reflects the leading spiritual convictions concerning true Biblical ministry to suffering Christians, true purpose of Biblical service, components of God-pleasing help, and action based on deep theological truths.

While the learning resources of ‘Coram Deo’ are unpublished, intended for the small group of participating students, COMFORT VIDEO RESOURCE IS AVAILABLE TO ALL:

To register for participation in the training, please use these contacts: